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Club Justice is opening! International A2J club for organizations who work to strengthen access to justice and to promote the right to legal aid in their countries

Club justice mission is global dialogue of innovators in A2J (access to justice) sphere. We unite in Club Justice to learn from each other, to find partners for common ideas’ development, to get together to share ideas. The club was established to answer global challenges for access to justice sphere, to find solutions for legal problems with common causes and effects from country to country. Club Justice also seeks innovative ideas to develop in idea incubator – KyivLEPP. Since 2019 there were different solutions developed in KyivLEPP – for Argentina, Georgia, Kenya, Moldove, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, North Macedonia, Ukraine. Some of those solutions have

KyivLEPP-2020: from legal aid to Ukrainians in Poland to protection of victims of domestic violence in Kyrgyzstan

Participants of the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program (KyivLEPP) have developed projects aimed to improve access to justice in five countries. We tell in the digest what we together with colleagues from Ukraine, Poland, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Macedonia managed to make as a result of half a year. KyivLEPP provides an opportunity for joint intellectual work to experts in the field of access to justice from different countries. The goal of the Program is to find and pilot viable, innovative and people-centric practical solutions in the field of access to justice, in accordance with the national contexts. For the second

532 graduates of courses, 9 programs and 7 researches per year. What are the opportunities for studying at the School?

Last year, the School managed to make a significant contribution in the field of practical training to strengthen access to justice both in our country and abroad. 31 non-governmental organizations, 507 people from 22 regions of Ukraine, 25 participants from Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia and Poland took part in nine programs of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge on Access to Justice. 5 training courses were implemented, 7 studies in the field of access to justice, 17 educational webinars and masterclasses were conducted, 2 analytical reports organized by the Street Law Festival and Pro Bono week were translated into Ukrainian.

Call back to an unknown number and remain without funds on the card. Online fraud schemes and security methods

Anastasiia Apetyk, an expert on information rights and digital security at the Expert Center for Human Rights, cited top mistakes of social and corporate network users during an online webinar for Pro Bono Lab and Legal IT Hub.  Leakage of personal data $1 is enough to know your home address, passport, bank and other data. Most often, such information becomes available on the Internet through store employees whose discount cards you have. Remember how many questions you answered about yourself before getting this plastic? Of course, no one offers to completely abandon discount cards, yet before filling out a questionnaire

Interactive law education program “Street Law” at the Forum of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine

The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine continues to develop Street Law in Ukraine and train legal clinics. At the regular Association Forum, all participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the best interactive developments of legal clinics on legal education in the direction of protection of the rights of financial services consumers. The Interactive Law Education Program “Street Law” was presented at the Forum of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine through workshops on the use of Street Law within legal education in the field of financial services consumer protection. Thus, at the Forum, the Head of

How to help victims of political repressions get refugee status in Ukraine – an algorithm of actions from Pro Bono Lab partners

Lawyer Iryna Zaremba provided advisory assistance to a social and political figure who sought protection in our country, and on the basis of this case formed an algorithm of human actions to obtain refugee status. Foreigners seeking protection in Ukraine are usually victims of political repression and brutal persecution in their country. They find themselves in a difficult life situation, when freedom, health, and sometimes life can be lost at home, and sometimes life, and here they are unfriendly to complex bureaucratic procedures, language barrier and uncertainty about their rights. Such problems arise both at the stage of applying for

Protection against domestic violence and assistance in providing servicemen with respirators: what public advisers do for society

Over three years, 226 people took courses of the Public Advisors Program, of which 63 received certificates at the end of last week. On this occasion, we learned from the Chairman of the Association of Public Advisors of Ukraine Anatolii Levchuk and the coordinator of the training of the eighth set of public advisers Hanna Ilaschuk, how much the learning process has changed since 2017, what has been achieved by advisers during this time. From advocacy to gender-oriented budgeting In Canada and Moldova, as well as in several other countries, there is a network of paralegals who are competent in

The formation of a distance course for community advisers has begun

In Ukraine, in regional centers and large cities, it is easy to access professional legal and social assistance, while many communities do not have free access to such specialists – remote mountain villages, small settlements, vulnerable/closed communities, etc. However, there are public advisers who, although they do not solve complex legal issues, do not represent clients in courts, cannot replace a professional lawyer or social worker, but understand legal issues, and know where to redirect a person to solve the problem. Within the framework of the “Public Advisors” program of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge, the Ukrainian Legal Aid

Legal empowerment of communities: results of 2020

Author: Nina Gaevska, Communications Manager We will not talk about the challenges associated with the pandemic, we would better talk about the achievements implemented by the program team against the odds. It should be reminded that the Legal empowerment of communities Program aims to investigate the needs of residents of Ukrainian communities in the field of justice. Therefore, based on the results of these studies it is possible to offer local self-government solutions to the problems identified. For 2020, the program team: attracted 85 representatives of 11 territorial communities from 9 regions of Ukraine who worked to help their communities

In 5,000 detention facilities, people who mostly do not have access to judicial protection are held. How do the School partners plan to help them?

Ukraine without Torture together with partners, the Legal Development Network and the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice on the basis of the Law Club PRAVOKATOR conducted a 2-day training for public monitors of the national preventive mechanism on the topic “Monitoring access to justice in detention facilities”. “We hear a lot about bad courts and forget that in almost 5,000 detention facilities there are people who mostly do not have access to judicial protection. Moreover, there is no information on how they should be guaranteed the “right to justice”, – said the executive director of the NGO Ukraine

Communication platform for legal clinics in Ukraine and Poland

The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine and the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation have implemented a project to strengthen access to justice. Organizations have jointly developed an International Communication Platform for Students, Teachers and Clients of Legal Clinics. The project was supported by KyivLEPP — Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program, an incubator of innovative ideas in the field of access to justice in Ukraine and the world. We have prepared a scheme for you to better understand who are the participants of the project. The purpose of the platform: legal assistance to clients. Ukrainians living in Poland and Polish living


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