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New Stage of The Human Rights Friendly Community Programme: Support of Solutions’ Implementation

At the end of 2021, the Human Rights Friendly Community Program participants obtained the financial support to implement their road maps to improve access to justice in four communities. Moreover, the program experts conducted the analytical studies of the quality of work of the local authorities in connection with access to justice in Khmilnyk (Vinnytsia Region), Kreminna (Luhansk Region), and Uzyn (Kyiv Region). Such components are being implemented for the first time, and already have preliminary results. Analytical Component This component is made of several stages. The program experts studied the work of the local authorities in the areas that

Legal Development Network Presents the Studying the Legal Needs of the Community Guide

Written by: Halyna Kolesnyk, the Communications Manager of the Legal Development Network. At the end of October, 2021, the experts of the Legal Development Network presented the practical Studying the Legal Needs of the Community Guide in Zaporizhzhia. The resource was presented at the final conference of the project dedicated to improvement of access to justice of the rural communities in the East of Ukraine, which was implemented by a member organization of the Legal Development Network, Strategies and Technologies for Effective Partnership (STEP). The STEP representatives were among the pioneers of the Human Rights Friendly Community Program. The guidel include their experience as

Human Rights Friendly Community-2021: from Field Studies to Implementation of the Recommendations

In July and August,2021, the initiative groups conducted the field stages of their legal needs surveys in five regions of Ukraine. These data will be a basis of the Road Maps for Creating the Sustainable and Efficient Eco-System for Access to Justice in the Communities. The studies were conducted within the Human Rights Friendly Community Program, which the Legal Development Network administers. The group coordinators have shared their preliminary opinions on the data obtained. This information was unexpected for some of them. Photo: Study of the legal needs of the residents of the Kamianka-Buzka Community (Lviv Region). Photo by Andrii Korbetskyi. Andrii

Advocacy expert, trainer of the Council of Europe Department for Youth Affairs, anti-discrimination expert: different topics gathered team mentors of KyivLEPP-2021

The Board of the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program has selected mentors (curators) to help teams from Kyrgyzstan, Northern Macedonia, Sierra Leone and Ukraine implement their ideas. Let us introduce mentors’ team to you In December, participants of the KyivLEPP-2021 developed projects to improve access to justice in their countries. Five prototype solutions have withstood criticism from legal crash-test experts and demonstrated their viability. They were developed by teams from Kyrgyzstan, Northern Macedonia, Sierra Leone and Ukraine. All these teams will receive not only financial support, but also the support of experienced mentors who will help them to implement their

KyivLEPP-2021 financially supports five ideas from Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Sierra Leone and Ukraine

Legal problems in Africa and Ukraine, in the Balkans and Central Asia – we all are “sitting in the same boat”.   This year, 7 teams from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Macedonia, Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone took part in KyivLEPP design-sprint of their ideas how to solve legal problems. During the week, participants of the KyivLEPP-2021 Idea Incubator developed projects aimed at improving access to justice in their countries. They immersed themselves into existing problems, identified target groups, focused, analyzed alternative problem-solving ideas, developed models of solutions and crash-tested them. 5  teams have successfully passed the crash test. They were developed

“You don’t have to create high-profile conceptions of the institutions, the main thing is to formulate who has what problem and whether it really solves what the team wants to do”, – Oksana Hoshva, moderator of the KyivLEPP-2021 – about the methodology of design thinking

This year the design sprint of the KyivLEPP-2021 will be moderated by the first organizer of the sprint in Ukraine using the Google Ventures method, design strategist Oksana Hoshva. About the moderator Oksana Hoshva has shown in her own experience what can be achieved when you can generate ideas, create a clear plan of action and put them into practice. At the age of 21 she was entrusted with PR work with the well-known Ukrainian band Okean Elzy, and at the age of 23 she opened a PR agency herself. Oksana now owns DOT_DOT Innovation and Hoshva PR & DGTL.

“The main idea is to create a solution that will solve the legal problem, not just to pass a design sprint”, – the KyivLEPP’s coordinator.

Who will help the teams to develop their ideas? Inclusive justice 7 teams from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone will participate in the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program this year. The main topic for this year is “The role of (non)lawyers in the inclusive justice ecosystem”. “Non” here is in a parenthesis, because we are interested in paralegals, social workers, legal tech, and legal practitioners as well, – Kateryna Yeroshenko, the coordinator of the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program clarified. We are focusing on addressing public health and social issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we

Online part-time temporary position – 5 mentors to support international teams of KyivLEPP2021

Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice is pleased to announce a call for mentors for the teams of  KyivLEPP2021. There are 7 teams in KyivLEPP this year – teams from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone who participate in the program. Read more about the teams and the problems they will work on during KyivLEPP2021 in our article:  Mentors should meet the following criteria: experience in state institutions / civil society organizations / social initiatives related to access to justice field; successful implementation of solutions in access to justice (adopted by the state or target

KyivLEPP-2021 participants are selected: the teams from Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan and Kenya

What legal issues would the teams address during the KyivLEPP-2021? 16 different teams from Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Ghana and Kyrgyzstan applied to the Kyiv Practical Legal Capacity Building Program (KyivLEPP-2021) this year. During the last three weeks, program experts conducted video interviews with applicants.  Interviews were dedicated to clarifying the legal problems the teams have addressed to KyivLEPP, to discussing what makes teams’ ideas innnovative or people-centered.  Institutional and intersectoral balance of the group, coherence, motivation, clear formulation of the problem, vision of alternative strategies, gender balance – all of these were among the

From Kyiv to Nairobi: 15 teams from 8 countries applied to KyivLEPP-2021

What justice problems organizations-applicants addressed to Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Programme this year?  What are the eligibility criteria for the participants? The call for participation in the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program (KyivLEPP-2021) was closed last week. 15 teams submitted their applications this year! NGOs, law firms and government agencies from Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Northern Macedonia and Kyrgyzstan. Despite the remoteness of our countries we’re all on the same page: the legal needs are very similar from country to country. There is a problem with citizenship documentation in Kenya, the Tanzanian team wants to overcome gender

There are only three days left to apply for the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program (KyivLEPP)

Who can participate? How KyivLEPP helps to develop solutions for problems in access to justice? For the third year in a row, the program announces recruitment of ideas for teams from different countries. The key criterion for selecting a team is a detailed innovative idea aimed at solving a legal problem relevant to the applicant country.  After a five-day incubation of the idea through a design thinking methodology and a crash test of prototype ideas, the teams will come up with ready-made solutions. Those teams who successfully passed the crash-test will receive modest grants for their idea implementation, and mentorship

Club Justice Launching: organizations from ten countries have joined the Club

The international access to justice club of innovators launched. During the launching event – the first online meeting –  participants have discussed what we should do as access to justice global community to solve public health and social problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This virtual meeting aimed to bring together various government and non-governmental actors from all over the world. Organizations from Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Kenya, Poland, Mongolia, Kyrgyz Republic, and Argentina have already joined Club Justice to answer global challenges in the A2J. The mission of the Club justice is to create a global dialogue of


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