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Specifics of Transition to an Electronic Document Management System (+ Review of Solutions)

Legal IT Hub Program of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge is regularly exploring needs of legal aid providers in technological solutions (you can join the survey right now on the web-site of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge). The survey outcomes showed that establishment of the electronic document management system have encountered some difficulties. To be specific, the issue was about filing documents and financial statements with electronic signatures on-line. Experts of the international auditing company KPMG in Ukraine* have developed and #pro_bono provided the materials on convenience of electronic record-keeping. The information from the article is available on

Legally Empowered Community: Whim or Necessity?

For many people access to justice and their legal needs is something abstract and confusing. Although these concepts have significant influence on human life, almost all fields of life, such as education, health care, employment, acquirement and disposal of property – all they in any respect are law-concerned. If an individual is not able to find a solution to a problem alone, then a demand for law occurs. Unsatisfied law demand indicates a limited or even lack of access to justice and may have significant effect both on an individual in particular and the entire society: health problems, lost job,

Registration for the Second Selection Round of the Legal Empowerment of Public Organizations Training Course is Open

The Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge on Access to Justice within the Pro Bono Lab Program announces the second selection wave of registration for the free training course of Legal Empowerment of Public Organizations. Public organizations and social initiatives from all over Ukraine may be engaged in the selection. The essential eligibility criterion for the course students is a real problem of a public organization or social initiative that may be solved by means of the educational process. Each organization as being checked-in should also choose the topics in which it requires to get additional knowledge from the Ukrainian and

Legally Empowered Community: Summer Halfway Point of the Year

Summer is time of vacation but not for everyone. The participants of the Legally Empowered Community training practical program do realise how significant their contribution is in the pandemic time. That is why the teams that represent 9 communities from 8 regions of Ukraine keep going to their aim – improvement of access to justice for their compatriots. This year program members have just recently been qualified and we personally met them during the event on 19th-20th June. That time teams met in Kyiv where in PRAVOKATOR Legal Club they had a practical workshop to sharpen their skills in every aspect

The Legally Empowered Community Came Out Lockdown

How not to do good just for the sake of doing good but indeed helping your community. This issue is studied in detail by the member teams of the Legally Empowered Community training practical program. Lots of services exist due to initiative of a few people. However, are these services really needed or maybe resources thereon are wasted? To find out the truth of what exactly the community residents need, what challenges they encounter and what help they require, 6 initiatory groups from 6 different communities met in Kyiv for the practical workshop of Researching Legal Needs of Communities: Making

Four Steps Closer to the Legally Empowered Community

May month was extremely vivid for this-year participants of the Legally Empowered Community program.* Four webinars are behind, Each team now possesses theoretical knowledge on the topic of Researching Legal Needs of Communities: Providing Access to Justice to be Needed and Effective. Meeting of experts with researches to-be is ahead but off-line to practice gained skills. Launch of the training under the program in 2020 was described by us in the previous article. Within this time the participants have acquired knowledge in the following topics: Concept of access to civil justice and its dimensions Research methodology Practical aspects of arrangement

The First Step in Training to Research Legal Needs

Nothing can hold the participants of The Legally Empowered Community* from acquiring new knowledge. On Monday, 18 May, the first webinar of General Information on Researching Legal Needs took place. It made possible to the participants to realise the main factors that enable them to proceed. Realise importance of researching legal needs and learn the history of these activities. Executive Director of Legal Development Network public union and Coordinator of the Legally Empowered Community program Yevhen Poltenko announced the historical facts: “Thanks to representative of the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision Vitalii Okhrimenko the participants had deeper understanding of

Master Class Avodocs: Fast Errorless Work with Legal Documents

You don’t know what documents you need to work with partners and clients, and you even look through contract samples in the Internet? If drafting of the documents takes a lot of your money and time, Legal IT Hub Program of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge offers to take a look at the solution by Avodocs! We invite you to take part on 11 June at 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm in the master class where you will learn how to easily simplify work of your organization by means of document templates by Avodocs. Avodocs is the platform with

First in Ukraine Street Law FIN $KILLS Festival

Street Law Festival? – Why not? Street Law Festival on-line? – No problem. Throughout the 21st to 23rd July 2020 over 150 participants from Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, and USA engaged in substantive discussions, webinars and presentations in the course of the First in Ukraine Innovative Festival of Practical Law Fin $kills. The event was held by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine backed by the USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project and was dedicated to protect rights of consumers of financial services and to financial awareness. While opening the Festival, Yuliia Lomzhets, Head of the Association of Legal Clinics of

Street Law Guidelines: Protection of Consumer Rights in Financial Services Sector

The team of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine has developed within the All-Ukrainian project of The Advising Consumers of Financial Services the guidelines for training on practical law, Street law: Protection of Consumer Rights in Financial Services Sector. The presented guidelines are the result of law literacy classes carried out by the legal clinics of higher education institutions for consumers of financial services. Materials included in the publication were tested in the course of the First in Ukraine Innovative Festival of Practical Law Fin $kills dedicated to protect consumer rights in the sector of financial services and to

Attorneys Sued Out That the Settlement Council to Provide Disabled Persons with Access to the Session Hall

A People’s Deputy from the settlement of Gusiatyn in Ternopil region has sued the local council which failed to provide disabled persons with access to the session hall. How the lawyers managed to prove that such omission constituted an act of indirect discrimination? Ivan Kosmyna became deputy of Gusiatyn settlement council in Ternopil region in 2015. He has the first disability group and moves with wheelchair. It is impossible to get to the session hall on the third floor, yet the building has no elevator. It was costly to install a lift, then the deputy proposed to held working sessions

Why After Being Audited a Public Organization Increases Chances to Get Support and Where to Look for Skilled Auditors?

The European Pro Bono Week 2020 is being held in Kyiv where the best lawyers of the country give advice free of charge to representatives of public organizations. Today, 23 November, founder of an auditing company Oleksandr Marinchenko told about some nuances of external audit and gave some practical advice as to how to choose providers of such services. Here is an extract from his lecture: Auditing both allows discovering irregularities in accounting and favourably concerns the image of public organization by enhancing trust in it. An auditor can check all financial statements of an organization, give more detailed assessment


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