Community advisers course

Community advisers are ordinary people with no degree in law who have been trained on the basic legal issues and received the corresponding certificates.

Community advisers study the existing legal issue thoroughly and forward it to the competent authority or institution, or furnish legal information that will help resolve the issue on your own. Such advice by the community adviser may be applicable to the specific person and the entire community.

Community advisers are also called paralegals. Community advisers may be representatives of service organizations, local authorities, or executive authorities as well as students studying law in the regional centres who return to their communities from time to time and may provide expertise.

Community advisers may also be volunteers, community workers, librarians, etc. In fact, a community adviser may be a person of any occupation if he or she can study and wishes to use his or her potential in the community.

Community advisers are leaders in their communities who help resolve legal issues and accumulate the critical number of the people experienced in law around them, thus overcoming the legal isolation of the vulnerable and low-income citizens. They facilitate the expansion of legal opportunities for the people living in small remote communities, and the network of such advisers may turn into an important tool for the harmonious development of communities in the legal field since they are the first point of access for people in small towns and villages.

The program activities include competitive selection of community advisers, training and practical training of community advisers, planning of training courses and analysis of the community needs for additional training.

Team of program

Tetiana Tulchyi
Head of the Community Advisers Programme, Regional Coordinator of the North-Western Region of the NGO “Association of the Community Advisers of Ukraine”
Anna Ilaschuk
Head of the NGO “Association of the Community Advisers of Ukraine”
Iryna Ostrovska
Regional Coordinator of the Southern Region of the NGO “Association of the Community Advisers of Ukraine”
Tetiana Serhiienko
Regional Coordinator of the Northern Region of the NGO “Association of the Community Advisers of Ukraine”
Maryna Kopachevska
Regional Coordinator of the Central Region of the NGO “Association of the Community Advisers of Ukraine”
Olena Khomych
Regional Coordinator of the Eastern Region of the NGO “Association of the Community Advisers of Ukraine”
Ihor Sviatyi
Regional Coordinator of the Western Region of the NGO “Association of the Community Advisers of Ukraine”
Kateryna Yeroshenko
Programme and Project Coordinator of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation
Oleksandr Baranov
Acting Director of the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Providing
Olha Halchenko
Coordinator of the Human Rights and Justice Programme of the International Renaissance Foundation
Kateryna Lukasevych
Coordinator of the Human Rights and Justice Programme of the International Renaissance Foundation
Oleksandr Hryb
Coordinator of the Community Advisers Programme
Protection against domestic violence and assistance in providing servicemen with respirators: what public advisers do for society

Over three years, 226 people took courses of the Public Advisors Program, of which 63 received certificates at the end of last week. On this occasion, we learned from the Chairman of the Association of Public Advisors of Ukraine Anatolii Levchuk and the coordinator of the training of the eighth set of public advisers Hanna Ilaschuk, how much the learning process has changed since 2017, what has been achieved by advisers during this time. From advocacy to gender-oriented budgeting In Canada and Moldova, as well as in several other countries, there is a network of paralegals who are competent in

The formation of a distance course for community advisers has begun

In Ukraine, in regional centers and large cities, it is easy to access professional legal and social assistance, while many communities do not have free access to such specialists – remote mountain villages, small settlements, vulnerable/closed communities, etc. However, there are public advisers who, although they do not solve complex legal issues, do not represent clients in courts, cannot replace a professional lawyer or social worker, but understand legal issues, and know where to redirect a person to solve the problem. Within the framework of the “Public Advisors” program of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge, the Ukrainian Legal Aid

Where to Get Legal Aid: Online Training for Community Advisers

Why the Ukrainians still often prefer corruptive ways to solve their problems? This phenomenon has some fundamental reasons: cultural traditions and the Soviet legacy to social behaviour belief that justice is always costly wish to solve the issue as soon as possible and effortlessly But the most common is the reason which in our overloaded with information time seems to be odd: ignorance of own rights and available opportunities to protect the same. Just a minor share of the population may say for sure where they can get legal advice, where they can be assisted with writing application or claim,


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