Training of monitors of the National Preventive Mechanism

Since 2012, there has been a national preventive mechanism in Ukraine, the functions of which in our country are entrusted to the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsperson). In Ukraine, there is a model “Ombudsperson+” – a model of the national preventive mechanism, in which its mandate is fulfilled by the Ombudsperson’s Office together with representatives of civil society organizations.

The implementation of the Ombudsperson+ model envisages that not only the Ombudsperson himself will be involved in the process of monitoring the observance of human rights in detention facilities, but also NGOs that, having received certain rights from the Ombudsperson to perform such monitoring, can visit detention facilities and check the state of human rights there in order to report to the central office, fixing certain problems, or provide recommendations to local (or central) executive authorities.

The number of visits of the Staff of the Secretariat of the Commissioner for Human Rights and social activists to detention facilities is constantly growing. As a result of each visit, detailed reports are to be prepared, recommendations are made to improve the state of human rights in each visited detention facility, and acts of response to public authorities are to be sent. Gradually, this leads to changes in legislation and improvement of the state of observance of human rights in such places.

Every year, there are dozens of monitors who participate in monitoring visits to different types of detention facilities. In order to effectively monitor detention facilities, it is necessary to regularly receive knowledge about the legislation and the state of observance of human rights in prisons.

The program was created for future monitors of the national preventive mechanism, which, after training, will be able to jointly prevent torture and ill-treatment of people in detention facilities.

NPM monitors open the doors of closed institutions, perform regular monitoring and prevent inappropriate treatment of people who find themselves behind these doors for one reason or another.

The program will provide basic knowledge about the activities of the national preventive mechanism and knowledge of effective monitoring of detention facilities.

Main blocks of questions:

  1. Standards of proper treatment in detention facilities (Practice exercises).
  2. Problematic issues arising during monitoring visits. Analysis of practical cases. New problems and challenges in monitoring detention facilities
  3. Comprehensive use of various monitoring techniques during the NPM’s visit to achieve results.
  4. Interview techniques (practical exercises)
  5. Workshop of the monitoring visit.
  6. Cycle “visit – change”. Post-monitoring activities.

Elements of the Main Basic Training will have an only practical orientation. The training will take place using the provisions of the Manual for the Preparation of Monitors of the National Preventive Mechanism.


In 5,000 detention facilities, people who mostly do not have access to judicial protection are held. How do the School partners plan to help them?

Ukraine without Torture together with partners, the Legal Development Network and the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice on the basis of the Law Club PRAVOKATOR conducted a 2-day training for public monitors of the national preventive mechanism on the topic “Monitoring access to justice in detention facilities”. “We hear a lot about bad courts and forget that in almost 5,000 detention facilities there are people who mostly do not have access to judicial protection. Moreover, there is no information on how they should be guaranteed the “right to justice”, – said the executive director of the NGO Ukraine


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