Pro Bono Lab

Pro Bono in Ukraine works for NGOs whose activities make a great impact on society development and improvement on communities’ life. Lawyers help NGOs by taking different pro bono cases. Such cases may include pro bono consulting, providing of legal opinion, organizational diagnosis. Organizational diagnosis is a new field of cooperation of  NGOs and law firms as a way of improving internal operational processes of the NGO. Due to diagnosis results, NGO may receive some improving suggestions or may take an educational course through Pro Bono Lab.

Pro Bono Lab is a training program that includes the application of good business practices in the public sector as well as in the provision of services. Business decision-making models learned by NGOs, law clinics, service organizations in Pro Bono Lab are used to strengthen their institutional capacity and provide sustainability.

Team of program

Mykola Sioma
Head of Pro Bono Space, director of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation. The Foundation is a platform for synergies between legal aid providers and solutions to build an effective system of access to justice.
Elena Nemchenko
Head of the Pro Bono Lab, Manager of Pro Bono Space, Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation.
Tamas Barabas
Member of the Program Council. Senior Legal Officer at the Budapest office of The Global Network for Public Interest Law. PILnet is an international non-profit organization that brings together the legal profession from around the world to ensure that the law serves everyone's interests.
Mykola Myrny
Member of the Program Council. Journalist at ZMINA Human Rights Center. Author of a number of materials on human rights and corruption of officials. ZMINA Human Rights Center works to protect freedom of speech, freedom of movement, anti-discrimination, prevent torture and ill-treatment, fight impunity, support human rights defenders and civil society activists in Ukraine, including the occupied Crimea, and protect victims of armed violence. conflict in Ukraine.
Natalya Bimbirayte
Member of the Program Council. Director of the "Legal Space" information and resource center - a specialized portal created to disseminate legal knowledge, develop legal practices, promote government and non-governmental organizations that provide legal assistance to persons belonging to the poor and vulnerable.


Legal Empowerment for NGOs – educational online video course

During the last three months, Pro Bono Lab program team of the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice together with experts in law business worked on the creation of the first Ukrainian training course for public organizations from law business. Legal Empowerment for NGOs is an educational online video course that involves the cooperation of NGOs, law firms and experts in order to improve the internal operational processes of NGOs. The participants of the course are NGOs-champions, which have passed the competitive selection for training under separate thematic blocks. Thematic blocks were formed on the basis of requests submitted

Cyber Security for Organisations: How COVID-19 Drew Our Attention to Data Security (+ Test)

COVID-19 and the related changes have made us all revise the rules of life and activity. The shift to the remote work has focused our attention without limitation on the online work security issues. How to protect personal and work information? What rules to comply with so that you personally and your organization will feel safe?   The material has been prepared by the partners of the Pro Bono Lab Programme and Legal IT Hub, the international organization “PILnet” in cooperation with the global cybersecurity leader, AVAST “I want to scare you, but my purpose is different. The purpose is to


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