Human Rights Friendly Community Program
Human Rights Friendly Community Program helps grass-roots initiatives (teams) to develop and conduct legal needs surveys in communities
Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program
The mission of Kyiv LEPP is to make a practical impact on addressing the issues of access to justice in the participating countries through the development and further implementation of practical solutions.
International A2J Club - Club Justice
We bring together colleagues who work to improve access to justice in their countries. We unite to learn from each other, we want to answer global challenges in A2J sphere
UA2J School Digests
The page contains information digests of the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice (UA2J School). In the digests, we put basic information about the activities of the programs
Pro Bono Lab
Pro Bono in Ukraine works for NGOs whose activities make a great impact on society development and improvement on communities’ life. 
Interactive legal education "Street Law"
Community advisers course
Community advisers study the existing legal issue thoroughly and forward it to the competent authority or institution, or furnish legal information that will help resolve the issue on your own. Such advice by the community adviser may be applicable to the specific person and the entire community.
Training of monitors of the National Preventive Mechanism
Legal IT Hub
TechLab’s team constantly analyses existing solutions address to legal needs and generates innovative technological solutions in the field of access to justice. 
Laboratory of Initiatives to Increase Access to Justice for the Groups Vulnerable to HIV
Protection against discrimination


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