Legal empowerment of communities

To address systemic legal problems communities should rely on their own knowledge: identify a gap, analyze its causes and choose an alternative to fill this gap.

“Legally Empowered community” Program helps grass-roots initiatives (teams) to develop and conduct legal needs surveys in communities. Program activities include:

  • competitive selection of communities interested in conduction of legal needs surveys;
  • trainings for communities’ teams (‘how to conduct surveys’, ‘how to use advocacy instruments in promoting access to legal aid’);
  • with the help of practitioners’ group, each of the selected team designs research program and conducts it’s own survey;
  • teams pitch survey’s findings among their communities and advocate strategy for resolving of identified problems.

On the basis of surveys’ findings, teams initiate developing local A2J programs or use other tools to make a systemic change for ensuring access to justice in their communities. The programs supports them in these efforts as well.


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