“You don’t have to create high-profile conceptions of the institutions, the main thing is to formulate who has what problem and whether it really solves what the team wants to do”, – Oksana Hoshva, moderator of the KyivLEPP-2021 – about the methodology of design thinking

This year the design sprint of the KyivLEPP-2021 will be moderated by the first organizer of the sprint in Ukraine using the Google Ventures method, design strategist Oksana Hoshva.

About the moderator

Oksana Hoshva has shown in her own experience what can be achieved when you can generate ideas, create a clear plan of action and put them into practice. At the age of 21 she was entrusted with PR work with the well-known Ukrainian band Okean Elzy, and at the age of 23 she opened a PR agency herself. Oksana now owns DOT_DOT Innovation and Hoshva PR & DGTL. Among her clients are Johnson & Johnson, Philip Morris, LG, Synevo, GIZ Ukraine, as well as Kernel, Kovalska, DTEK Academy, VISA and others.

The moderator of KyivLEPP-2021 is the author and lecturer of the Innovation Management course for MBA students at the Kyiv School of Economics. Designed and facilitated the first in Ukraine Design Sprint (Google Ventures method). In addition to developing and influencing as an innovator and design strategist, Oksana has been to Burning Man three times, became a cross-continental swimmer, crossed the Bosphorus and finished marathons in Berlin, Chicago, London and New York. She is a graduate of the Aspen Institute Ukraine Responsible Leadership seminar (autumn 2018). In 2014, she received an EMBA degree from IE Business School. In 2018, she took courses in Continuing Studies at Stanford University.

The path of the design thinker

According to the moderator of the KyivLEPP-2021, design-thinking is both a philosophy and a way of thinking and methodology. It allows you to look at the problem creatively and with people’s needs in mind.

The process of design-thinking is based on teamwork, constant exchange of ideas and testing of decisions with users at the earliest possible stage. For a team that wants to find a truly innovative solution, the priority is to adjust the workflow. And for this you need to go all the way of design-thinking.

The first step is Empathy. The teams will analyze who is the user / client, for whom they want to create a solution and what problem of this client they want to solve. They will try to imagine themselves in the place of those people whom they plan to help.

The second step is Focusing. Teams will choose the aspects of the problem for which they will create solutions.

The third step is the Generation of ideas. Teams will generate ideas as well as validate them based on previously developed criteria.

The fourth step – Prototyping. At this stage, participants will create prototypes that will reflect their ideas.

The fifth step – Testing. It’s time to find out how viable the idea is. Participants will receive feedback from users of the solution they have prototyped.

Teams whose ideas will pass the crash test, together with the mentors of KyivLEPP-2021, will develop a step-by-step action plan and will then start directly implementing their prototype solutions to access to justice problems.

“You don’t have to” fall in love “with an idea, focus on a specific chatbot or application, create high-profile concepts of something … The main thing is to state very clearly who has what problem and whether it really solves what the team wants to do”, – the KyivLEPP-2021 moderator Oksana Hoshva draws conclusions.

This year 7 teams from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Macedonia, Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone are participating in the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program (KyivLEPP). The main topic of the course is “The role of (non) lawyers in the ecosystem of inclusive justice.”

The KyivLEPP program is implemented by the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice through the co-creation of colleagues from the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, the  Coordination Center on Legal Aid Provision, the Legal Development Network, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the PRAVOKATOR.Kyiv Law Club and the expert and financial support of the  Human rights and justice program of the International Renaissance Foundation, with the participation of Dot_Dot innovations, HiiL, Kyiv Legal Hackers, Pathfinders for peaceful just and inclusive societies and PilNET.


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