Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program

Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program (Kyiv LEPP) is an international educational and practical program.

The mission of Kyiv LEPP is to make a practical impact on addressing the issues of access to justice in the participating countries through the development and further implementation of practical solutions.

Kyiv LEPP is 6 intensive days of exchanging experience with teams from different countries. It is an incubation process of viable and human-oriented solutions in the field of access to justice.

Kyiv LEPP-2019 brought together 5 teams from different countries to take their ideas of strengthening access to justice for people in a certain field through design-thinking process. There were 5 prototypes of problem solutions for each team, for each country.

Last year Argentina, Moldova, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia developed their solutions. National teamsinclude representatives of institutions and communities working in the field of access to justice, namely: representatives of vulnerable and marginalized communities, leaders of local communities (municipalities, local government, etc.), state and non-state legal aid providers, representatives of Ministries and State, agencies.

Kyiv LEPP takes into account national contexts and requests from participants in developing a design-thinking course, so there is an opportunity not only to incubate the idea within the course, but also to overview innovating practices in the field of access to justice and legal empowerment of the poor.

Kyiv LEPP participants receive ongoing support, expert support of the program after the course, as well as a platform for the exchange of experience with colleagues.

Kyiv LEPP 2020 will take place in Kyiv in September. If you have an idea and a team, you are welcome to join.

Team of program

Kateryna Yeroshenko
Head of the Programme. Programme and Project Coordinator of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation
Mykola Sioma
Director of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation
Yevgen Poltenko
Executive Director of the Legal Development Network
Oleksandr Baranov
Acting Director of the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Providing
Vitalii Okhrimenko
Head of the Department “Kyiv Inter-Regional Resource and Communication Platform”, the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Providing, and Law Club “Pravokator.Kyiv”
Iryna Chaika
— Head of the Information and Analytical Department “Kyiv Inter-Regional Resource and Communication Platform”, the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Providing, and Law Club “Pravokator.Kyiv”
Olha Halchenko
Coordinator of the Human Rights and Justice Program of the International Renaissance Foundation
Yurii Sverba
State Expert of the Expert Group on Access to Justice of the Directorate for Human Rights, Access to Justice and Legal Awareness of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
Sheilat Afolabi
Project Manager of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation


Design Thinking as the Innovation Methodology: Structure of the Kyiv LEPP Programme

Design thinking is a non-linear iteration method for the creation of the product that tries to understand the product user with risk assumption, proposed innovation approaches to prototypes and product testing.  The Kyiv LEPP Programme of the Ukrainian School of Practice is based on the design thinking method for idea incubation as regards the practical solution of issues of access to justice. The Kyiv LEPP Programme is the School’s International Programme the purpose of which is to find viable and human-focused practical solutions in the area of A2J. The Programme provides for participation of up to five teams from different

Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program Units Agents of Changes in Access to Justice All over the World

The Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program enables intellectual cooperation of the experts in access to justice from all over the world on an annual basis. The purpose of the Programme is to find and pilot the viable, innovative and human-focused practical solutions for access to justice with an account of the national context. While commenting on the event, Roman Romanov, the Director of the Human Rights and Justice Programme of the International Renaissance Foundation, emphasized the importance of the exchange of experience among the countries to understand the causes and pre-conditions for intellectual breakthroughs in access to justice. Last year,

Role of (Non-) Lawyers in the Inclusive Ecosystem of Justice as the Theme of Next Kyiv LEPP Programme 2020

The Programme Council of the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program suggests treating inclusive access to justice as joint responsibility. It is shared by everyone who wishes to change and effects such changes, including lawyers, mediators, paralegals, care works and others. Paralegals will be of use where it is not clear whether the issue is legal, and it will be forwarded to the necessary service. Care workers will help settle the issue comprehensively since social issues generally have a legal context. For instance, the IT industry representatives can help resolve the legal issue by means of technical solutions. This year’s theme


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