International A2J Club - Club Justice

We bring together colleagues who work to improve access to justice in their countries. We unite to learn from each other, we want to answer global challenges in A2J sphere. We are looking for innovations, and support ideas in KyivLEPP.

Our mission: global dialogue of innovators in A2J sphere 

What we can do together:

  • rock the global A2J community with our idea,
  • learn from each other, find A2J start-ups and initiatives 
  • develop the idea to improve A2J in your country with the support of experts
  • find partners for common ideas’ development
  • get together to share ideas
  • fundraising to bring your ideas to life
  • find innovations to support
  • share your expertise 

And networking! 


You can join us as organisation or institution with the invitation from one of the organizations from the CLUB  JUSTICE (each organisation can send 5 invitations)

Or let us know you want to join here

Team of program

Kateryna Yeroshenko
Head of the Programme. Programme and Project Coordinator of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation
Mykola Sioma
Director of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation
Iryna Chaika
Organizational Development Manager of the Legal Development Network
Tatiana Tulchii
Regional Coordinator of the North-West Region NGO "Association of Community Advisers of Ukraine"
Oleksandr Baranov
Acting Director of the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Providing
Olha Halchenko
Coordinator of the Human Rights and Justice Programme of the International Renaissance Foundation
Polina Pavliuk
Expert of the Expert Group on Legal Institutions Related to Justice of the Directorate of Justice and Criminal Justice of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
Olena Bordiukova
Senior specialist in regional development of the NGO "Ukraine without Torture"
Olena Nemchenko
Project Coordinator in the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation


Club Justice Launching: organizations from ten countries have joined the Club

The international access to justice club of innovators launched. During the launching event – the first online meeting –  participants have discussed what we should do as access to justice global community to solve public health and social problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This virtual meeting aimed to bring together various government and non-governmental actors from all over the world. Organizations from Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Kenya, Poland, Mongolia, Kyrgyz Republic, and Argentina have already joined Club Justice to answer global challenges in the A2J. The mission of the Club justice is to create a global dialogue of

Club Justice is opening! International A2J club for organizations who work to strengthen access to justice and to promote the right to legal aid in their countries

Club justice mission is global dialogue of innovators in A2J (access to justice) sphere. We unite in Club Justice to learn from each other, to find partners for common ideas’ development, to get together to share ideas. The club was established to answer global challenges for access to justice sphere, to find solutions for legal problems with common causes and effects from country to country. Club Justice also seeks innovative ideas to develop in idea incubator – KyivLEPP. Since 2019 there were different solutions developed in KyivLEPP – for Argentina, Georgia, Kenya, Moldove, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, North Macedonia, Ukraine. Some of those solutions have


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