Legal IT Hub

Legal IT Hub is the School’s practice Programme studying, analysing and generating technological solutions in the area of access to justice and improvement of the legal capacity of the communities.

In 2020, humanity faced an unforeseeable problem. The pandemic is making the people shift to remote work and life promptly. However, the old problems, including the legal issues, have not disappeared.

The Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice and the Legal IT Hub Programme must offer the legal aid providers technological solutions in order to:

  • organize work (administer the working process);
  • provide services (as a convenient and accessible method for rendering and receiving legal aid).

The Legal IT Hub Programme works as follows:

  1. Examination of the needs of the legal aid providers for technological solutions — on a regular basis.
  2. Expert examination of the existing IT products.
  3. Presentation of the existing IT products to the stakeholders.
  4. Search for support to create the necessary IT product.
  5. Creation of its own IT products.

Team of program

Mykola Sioma
Head of the Programme. Director of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation.
Oleksandr Baranov
Member of the Program Council. Acting Director of the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Providing
Dmytro Foremnyi
Member of the Program Council. Co-founder and coordinator of the Legal Startup Crash Test project. Co-founder and Ambassador of KYIV Legal Hackers. Legal Innovation Agent at HiiL.


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