Interactive legal education "Street Law"

The program “Interactive Law Education Street Law” focuses on professional training of teachers, public sector representatives and law students in interactive methods of teaching law; raising legal awareness of the population through interactive legal education activities; development of innovative programs of practical law in cooperation with public authorities, national and international human rights organizations and institutions of higher education.

Currently, the program includes the following developed and tested interactive courses:

  • The training course “Me and the police”, developed in cooperation with the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation and the Human Rights Department of the National Police of Ukraine to conduct legal education classes for police and future lawyers (students of law clinics of higher education institutions of Ukraine) in schools and other educational institutions for young people to be aware of the existing problems in society, the need to respect human rights, train police officers, future lawyers to work in a democratic society and build a high level of trust in the police. The course includes seven topics that reveal current issues of modern life: “Responsibility of minors for committing offences”, “Detention”, “How not to become a victim of crime”, “Prevention and combating domestic violence”, “The concept of discrimination. Determining the existence of discrimination “,” Anti-bullying “.
  • The training course “Practical Law: Prevention of Domestic Violence” focuses on working with young people in terms of forming their basic competence in the human rights system to protect against domestic violence. The course reveals the legal principles of its counteraction and will promote the development of Ukrainian youth on the principles of humanism and tolerance.
  • The training course “Practical Law: Prevention of Xenophobia” focuses on working with young people in terms of forming their core competencies in the human rights system, protecting against xenophobic acts, considers the legal basis for combating it, promotes the development of Ukrainian youth on the basis of humanism and tolerance. The course reveals the main provisions of combating xenophobia in Ukraine, algorithms of actions in the process of providing legal and psychological counselling for victims of xenophobia.
    The training complex “Practical law: work of minors” is focused on working with young people in terms of forming their knowledge and understanding of such concepts as “work” and its importance in human life, “working time” and “leisure time”, their importance in life and development of minors.
    The training course “Practical law: patients ‘rights” which reveals the key provisions of medical law in order to promote the establishment of optimal doctor-patient relations in Ukraine to ensure the realization of patients’ rights in the process of providing medical care. The course is aimed at medical students, lawyers, medical professionals.
    The training complex “Interactive methods of teaching in legal education” is focused on the professional development of teachers, public sector representatives and law students through training in interactive methods of teaching law, in particular the Street Law system and features of legal education with different categories of the population.

This list of program components is not limited, the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine constantly accumulates thematic material for classes according to the methodology of Street Law. Thus, the development of legal education on the topic “Protection of the rights of consumers of financial services” and work on the development of the topic “Responsible business and human rights” is underway.

Team of program

Катерина Дацко
Керівниця Програми. Членкиня Правління Асоціації юридичних клінік України. Кандидатка економічних наук, доцентка, декан юридичного факультету Криворізького економічного інституту ДВНЗ “Київський національний економічний університет ім. В. Гетьмана”, керівниця юридичної клініки.
Андрій Галай
Магістр права, доктор юридичних наук, професор, керівник управління стратегічного аналізу з питань запобігання корупції НАЗК Має більш як п’ятнадцятирічний досвід викладацької діяльності, десять років досвіду керування правничими кафедрами національних вишів України.
Юлія Ломжець
Кандидат політичних наук, завідувач юридичної клініки, доцент кафедри морського та господарського права Національного університету кораблебудування імені адмірала Макарова Має п’ятнадцятирічний стаж викладацької та наукової діяльності.
Юлія Матвєєва
Керівниця Правничої клініки НаУКМА, членкиня Правління Асоціації юридичних клінік України, членкиня робочої групи Міністерства освіти і науки України по урегулюванню проблеми значення правового статусу юридичних клінік України.
Filip Czernicki (Філіп Черніцкі)
Президент Польської мережі юридичних клінік, Президент GAJE (Global Alliance for Justice Education). Починаючи з 1998 року працює над просуванням та становленням юридичних клінік у Польщі та Східній Європі, а також над просуванням професійної правничої безоплатної діяльності.
Anna Gudadze
Lawyer, member of the Georgian Bar Council. Anna has been a UNHCR project coordinator at Rights Georgia (Human Rights House, Tbilisi) since 2019. While studying at the university, Anna completed the course "Law Clinic Street Law".
Kateryna Yeroshenko
Project coordinator of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation.
Natalia Bimbirayte
Director at the Legal Space Information and Resource Center, Chairman of the Board at the Ukraine-Lithuania Cultural Center, Member of the Board, at the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union


Interactive law education program “Street Law” at the Forum of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine

The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine continues to develop Street Law in Ukraine and train legal clinics. At the regular Association Forum, all participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the best interactive developments of legal clinics on legal education in the direction of protection of the rights of financial services consumers. The Interactive Law Education Program “Street Law” was presented at the Forum of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine through workshops on the use of Street Law within legal education in the field of financial services consumer protection. Thus, at the Forum, the Head of


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