Where to Get Legal Aid: Online Training for Community Advisers

Why the Ukrainians still often prefer corruptive ways to solve their problems? This phenomenon has some fundamental reasons:

  • cultural traditions and the Soviet legacy to social behaviour
  • belief that justice is always costly
  • wish to solve the issue as soon as possible and effortlessly
  • But the most common is the reason which in our overloaded with information time seems to be odd: ignorance of own rights and available opportunities to protect the same.

Just a minor share of the population may say for sure where they can get legal advice, where they can be assisted with writing application or claim, where to exercise the right for lawyer which is guaranteed by the state, etc.

In fact, Ukraine is a rather progressive state in terms of introduction of mechanisms for human rights protection, diversification of legal aid providers, and tools of access to justice that are available for the overwhelming majority of the population.

Where to look for opportunities to protect your rights – the coach of the Community advisers Training Program Natalia Kozhemiaka who has been involved in the free legal aid system yet for over 5 years, explains.

“The invisible line with which people limit their own lives is ignorance and reluctance to know their rights.  Perhaps, such attitude had been forming for years in the society where triumph of justice had no place, where discouragement and nihilism dominated. Searching for, finding and using knowledge about your rights for own protection is what makes an individual free and secured. This is what transforms a passive observer over their own fate into a fighter for themselves and those close to them”, Natalia believes.

Her hobbies are communication, copywriting, and the creation of visual content in legal topics. She likes traveling, dreams of conquering the next peak of the Carpathians, The Pope Ivan Chornogirskyi hill, and looks for someone to keep her company.


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