How to Improve Your Team’s Performance: List of Useful Tools from the Information Technology Industry

It is difficult to manage projects, delegate tasks and coordinate work among the teams even in goods times, but it can be next to impossible when unexpected circumstances arise. Information technology could be of help here.

Luckily, there is a wide range of software for project management and improved performance of the team today, and it can be free of charge. You do not have to plan your project work on the small board any more, explain the main idea to the colleagues and worry whether everyone has understood their role.

Given the preliminary results of the research, the Legal IT Hub team has found out that now there is demand for technical solutions of the all-in-one type. We have made the list of the project management tools, which we believe to be the most efficient and may be of use, especially given the fact that many of us are working from home now.


+ Strong security guarantees

+ Data exchange and integration

+- Only one person can be responsible for the task

Asana – is one of the most popular project management solutions selected by millions of people. The system has been created by Facebook co-founders and has the clear and convenient interface. The tools enable creating boards to visualize project stages and using reports to monitor the implemented tasks and items that require attention.

In addition to numerous project management settings, you share access to documents and communicate with your colleagues in the secured chat. Also, it is very easy to set up your mailbox so that you will receive only the updates related to your operations.

The platform proposes more than a hundred integrations with the other developers for efficient operations from the very start until the very end. For instance, you can share images from other applications (for instance, Google Drive) directly in Asana.

As for interesting functions, you can create templates to automate routine tasks.

The teams of up to 15 people can work with the system free of charge. The number of projects is unlimited.

You can create an account with Asana here:


+ Convenient management in the application

+ Intuitively clear interface in Ukraine

– Unsuitable for large teams

For the last several years, Trello has turned into one of the most popular project management tools. It uses the board access where each panel is the project with cards thereon. Cards may be presented as separate tasks with the added priorities and deadlines as checklists with the filed, images and hyperlinks attached.

Trello has numerous cooperation tools that will help you manage the projects and lots of interesting functions facilitating convenient use. For instance, Cloud Ageing turns on card “ageing”. If they are not used for a long time, the cards turn yellow or crack. It is not merely a visual trick: it enables the users to see the cards that are not in use even on the boards with the highest load.

Another pleasant option is templates for different types of projects, from business to education and personal performance.

Here is what you get free of charge: unlimited number of boards, cards, task lists, users, checklists and attachments. You can use Trello for anything, both personal and business needs. There are paid service plans offering a wider range of functions.

You can create an account with Trello here:


+ 5 GB of cloud storage

+ Powerful set of tools

-+ The user interfaces takes time to master; the Ukrainian version is available

Bitrix24 has a wide range of powerful tools for teamwork: messaging, project management, document processing, planning, task management for staff and many others.

It is the platform offering you both project management tools and customer relations management tools (CRM).

Bitrix24 enables you to record contacts and messages in the log, make and record calls, send e-mail, designate the staff responsible for projects etc. Also, the software algorithm draws up clear reports that always keep you up to date. In general, the software offers a powerful set of tools that will be of use for small teams. The functions of Bitrix24 do help your company develop and grow by improving your performance.

The free account gives access to most tools necessary for the teams of up to 12 users, including 5 GB of cloud storage. Of course, you can use paid service plans providing for higher flexibility in the working process.

You can create an account with Bitrix24 here:


+ Powerful set of tools in the free version

+ Various additions

+ Ukrainian interface

– The task status cannot be set up

Freedcamp is the multi-functional project management tool developed for personal and professional use. You can add tasks, deadlines, files and discussions for each project. There are an error tracking system and a calendar.

The panel of tools shows clearly what is happening in your team: what stage the projects or tasks and other activities are at. For the sake of convenience, integration with applications of the other developers, such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, etc., is offered.

By creating a Freedcamp account, you get an unlimited number of users and projects and 200 MB of storage for free.

If you need wider functions, you can always upgrade your account to the paid version. The paid plans are available starting from $ 1.49 per month. A pleasant special feature of the paid Freedcamp versions is that you can select the functions you need (more memory, CRM, billing, etc.) instead of paying for what you do not use.

One of the unique functions of the Freedcamp time tracking system that enables you and your team to record the time spent to perform the task, for instance, in order to issue an invoice for the services. It is possible owing to the special integrated software.

You can create an account with Freedcamp here:


+ Gantt chart

+ Time and cost tracking

+ Ukrainian interface

– Management in the application does not grant access to all the functions

– Limited free version

The Worksection created by the Ukrainian developers has proven its efficiency in the project management service market. The functions provide for a wide range of work settings which enable wording tasks in a convenient manner, tracking their progress and designated the responsible staff.

Also, in keeping with the best traditions, there is third-party application integration (Google / Outlook calendars) and a function of tracking project updates via e-mail.

You get integrated time tracking and project budgeting, a customer chat, a file exchange system, staff load analysis functions and many other useful things at the relatively low price.

The free account allows the implementation of two projects of a team of five people and 100 MB of cloud storage.

You can create an account with Freedcamp here:


+ Purchases via the application

+ Useful chat functions

– The user interfaces takes time to master; the Ukrainian version is unavailable

Podio is another example of the all in one solution. It is not just a project management application. This tool has been developed as a single work management centre.

Podio enables you to create and set up tasks with account of the deadlines and duties. There is also an integrated instant messaging function that gives you an opportunity to exchange ideas and see how your colleagues perform the delegated tasks.

There is third-party service integration, for instance, with Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can share files quickly and easily. Podio is available in several languages, including English and Russian.

The free basic plan has restrictions of up to five team members. You can also expand your options in the system by pre-paying for the corresponding service plans.

You can create an account with Podiohere:


Are you at a loss since your team has never used project management software before? Let us offer you a life hack. Start with the so-called sprint. Break down your work into short periods (of two weeks), create tasks for each sprint period and try to complete them by the deadline.

As a rule, such software can analyze performance following each period and assess planning and working efficiency.

Such working format is supposed to make the team members complete their work by deadlines. It will also create transparency in the team since you will know the current load of the specific person and his or her capabilities.

Go ahead and implement successful projects!

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