Why After Being Audited a Public Organization Increases Chances to Get Support and Where to Look for Skilled Auditors?

The European Pro Bono Week 2020 is being held in Kyiv where the best lawyers of the country give advice free of charge to representatives of public organizations. Today, 23 November, founder of an auditing company Oleksandr Marinchenko told about some nuances of external audit and gave some practical advice as to how to choose providers of such services.

Here is an extract from his lecture:

  • Auditing both allows discovering irregularities in accounting and favourably concerns the image of public organization by enhancing trust in it.
  • An auditor can check all financial statements of an organization, give more detailed assessment of a particular project or render various supporting services.
  • An application for audit is to be filed rather not later than two weeks prior to the required date. Audit of an organization usually takes about a week.
  • A proper company can be found in the register on the web-site of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine. What the most matters is experience of working with public organizations that have financial specifics.
  • Average price for auditing services is about UAH 20,000.
  • An auditor’s report must meet the requirements that are usually included in the project agreement by the grantor.
  • A public organization should ensure at the stage of project application that price of their services and expenses are approved by a grantor to avoid questions during audit.
  • You do not need detailed reports. Suffice it to say that, for example, a conference costed a certain amount. How much exactly was spent on accommodation, foods and transfer is of little interest to an auditor, but a tax inspector seeing such low level of detailing will consider these expenses as improper used funds.

We remind of the lectures on the topics of Employment Relationship in a Public Organization and Legal Proceeding: What a Public Organization Should Be Prepared for When Going to Court? scheduled for Wednesday  at 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM,  accordingly. Communication with experts will be provided via ZOOM Platform. You can check in for the lecture via the link.

The First European Pro Bono Week was held in November 2019 in over 10 cities including Paris, Madrid, Milan, Frankfurt, and Brussels. Its organizers in Kyiv were MO PILnet backed by the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation and Pro Bono Lab Program of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge.
Topic of current week is Pro bono in Response to Global Crisis. We should point out that experts of many law firms currently tend to help public organizations while they understand their social responsibility and importance of supporting each other in the Covid-19 pandemic.


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