Club Justice is opening! International A2J club for organizations who work to strengthen access to justice and to promote the right to legal aid in their countries

Club justice mission is global dialogue of innovators in A2J (access to justice) sphere. We unite in Club Justice to learn from each other, to find partners for common ideas’ development, to get together to share ideas. The club was established to answer global challenges for access to justice sphere, to find solutions for legal problems with common causes and effects from country to country. Club Justice also seeks innovative ideas to develop in idea incubator – KyivLEPP.

Since 2019 there were different solutions developed in KyivLEPP – for Argentina, Georgia, Kenya, Moldove, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, North Macedonia, Ukraine. Some of those solutions have been implemented already. For instance, there was the international communication platform for students, teachers and clients of legal clinics developed for Ukraine and Poland. Also outlying villages in North Macedonia will receive legal assistance annually, the idea was also developed in KyivLEPP. We noticed that legal needs are very common in different countries, so one of the main ideas of the Club is to find answers.

There was also the cooperation of the legal aid reformers network (LARN) in the history of the creation of the Club Justice. We were inspired by the idea of  networking and exchange of information and resources on legal aid among legal aid policymakers and practitioners globally. 

You can join Club Justice via the invitation of the member organization only. Each member has a limit of invites – 5 a year.

A great number of Ukrainian organizations, and institutions already have joined Club Justice:

  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine,
  • Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision,
  • Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation,
  • Legal Development Network, 
  • Ukrainian Paralegal Association, 
  • Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine,
  • the NGO “Ukraine without torture”.

The Club is supported by the International “Renaissance” Foundation.


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