TOP 11 Themes for Training and Advance Training Selected by the Community Advisers

The majority of the surveyed community advisers being members of the NGO “Association of the Community Advisers of Ukraine” have selected the main theme “Mediation and Recovery Practices” for their advanced training.

The survey has been conducted by the monitoring group made of the members of the community and involved 92 community advisers.

Thus, according to the survey findings, the main requests for training and advanced trainings among the advisers are:

  • Mediation and Recovery Practices;
  • Project Management, Grant Writing;
  • Facilitation;
  • Decentralisation, Activities of the Local Authorities and Amalgamated Territorial Communities, Development of Communities, Educational and Health Care Reforms;
  • Training and Coaching;
  • NGO Development, Strategic Planning and Organisational Development;
  • Public Speeches, Eloquence Training;
  • Anti-Violence;
  • Data Collection and Analysis, Visualisation, Monitoring Skills;
  • Information Security, Counteraction to Manipulations, Black Rhetoric;
  • Team Building.

As a reminder, the organisation currently has 21 certified coaches from among the community advisers, who conduct the following trainings without limitation: Leadership and Team Building; Time Management; Competence of the Local Authorities; Public Control Tools; Local Participation Mechanisms; Budget and Budget Processes; Communication; Media Literacy; Vulnerable Population Groups; Anti-Discrimination; Control over Budget Funds; Mediation; Anti-Domestic Violence.

Also, in order to organise the efficient procedure for development of solutions and resolution of certain issues, the organisation has 20 facilitators, who have completed the 24-hour training course on the basic facilitation skills. The facilitators are now involved into discussion of the uniting ideas and challenges and help the communities achieve consent.

The members of the organisation have also been given an opportunity to take additional course dedicated to Leadership, Team Building, Recognising Burn-Out, and to participate in annual forums, conferences and the summer camp for community advisers etc.

The community advisers have expressed their opinion on the benefits of such training:

Mediation, Conflict Management
applicable for the community;
– mediation is an important tool for efficient negotiations.

Project Management
– I want to work with the joint project in the advisers’ team;
– this issue is applicable for the community;
– it is necessary for cooperation.

Trainings for Coaches
– necessary to work with the youth ;
– to share high-quality knowledge and attract like-minded people;
– supervised sessions are necessary to develop the network of strong coaches and facilitators;
– ability to manage group processes.

Monitoring, Data Processing
so that the community will understand where we are and where we are going;
to prepare the team of the monitoring group for efficient response to outer changes and work of the community;
advisers needs data processing and analysis skills in their work .

We hope that the survey findings will be of use both for the community advisers selecting the vector for their future training and development and for partners and donors to understanding possible areas of support and cooperation with the community.


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