Participants of the KyivLEPP 2020 – Poland-Ukraine

We are glad to introduce you to the KyivLEPP 2020 participants. Polish-Ukrainian team of innovators

The team works on the communication platform for students, curators and clients of legal clinics of both countries:

Pawel Klimek
Attorney at Law (Solicitor, Barrister), Civil Advisor, Court Mediator, L.LM,  graduated from AFM Krakow University with honours. Since 2010, he has been an academic teacher at the Law, Administration and International Relations Department of AFM Krakow University. Since 2017 he has been the Dean’s Representative for Evaluation Research (assessing the quality of academic teaching).
In 2009-2010, as the founder of the AFM Krakow University’s Legal Clinic, he started gaining experience in advising legally and digitally excluded people, firstly as a tutor of the Tax Law Section (since 2013) and then since 2019 as the Legal Clinic’s Deputy Director.
As Attorney at Law since 2017 he has represented clients in civil, financial, public procurement and IT law and has cooperated with many entrepreneurs, politicians, tax authorities and non-governmental organisations.
Since 2017, as a Civil Advisor, he cooperated with many local communities and conducted legal education at high schools.
In both 2017 and 2018, he was nominated for the title of “Pro Bono Lawyer of The Year”, which is awarded by the prestigious daily newspaper “Rzeczpospolita”.
He has participated in many research projects including at the London School of Economics and the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
Ewelina Gee-Milan
Director of the Legal Clinic at Lazarski University, responsible for the day to day management of the clinic: the training the student participants; allocating cases to students; liaising with Faculty staff, who supervise the legal opinions and documents that the students produce and ensure the whole process is completed in the agreed time period. Ewelina Gee-Milan have presented at Legal conferences in the UK, the USA and across Europe.
 currently a PhD candidate. Research interests are civil procedural law in particular extraordinary means of appeal. She is also the author of over ten journal articles and two books. Currently, she is also a student at the School of the Authors of Change 2.0, where she is acquiring additional leadership skills.

Jarosław Gwizdak – a member of the board of Law and Society Institute Foundation INPRIS, a legal think-tank in Poland.
He is a lawyer, activist, former judge, advocate for efficient public institutions and ADR.
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Studies of British and European Law (University of Cambridge) and Leadership Academy for Poland.
Winner of the main prize of the “Citizen’s Judge of the Year 2015” awarded by the CourtWatch Poland Foundation.
Since 2003, a judge at the District Court in Katowice; from 2013 to 2017 – the President of the Court. 
In June 2018, Jarosław announced that he would run for mayor of Katowice in the local elections in October 2018. He won 10.63% votes and came third. After the elections, Gwizdak returned to adjudication.
In March 2019, he announced his resignation from the judge’s office and transferred to the third sector (civic organizations) where he works to improve the functioning of the judiciary and courts in Poland.
He teaches civil law and procedure, court reporting for journalists at the University of Humanities and Social Sciences (SWPS) and since 2020 supports the Legal Clinic of the University.  
Dr. Antolak-Szymanski is an associate professor of law at SWPS University in Warsaw, Poland, mediator (certified in Poland and the state of New Jersey (U.S.), and attorney. She is also the Director of the Legal Clinic at SWPS University.  Her primary areas of research include Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), labor law and civil procedure. She has made comparative research on court-connected mediation in the United States, and worked at the mediation office at the United States District Court of the Middle District of Pennsylvania. She also serves as a law clerk in the labor and social insurance section of the Polish Supreme Court. Recently, Dr. Antolak-Szymanski has focused on researching the legality of different forms of mandatory mediation.  She has numerous publications in the area of ADR and labor law. 
Angelika Szufel is an advocate in the Infrastructure and Project Finance Practice at CMS Poland.
Angelika specialises in comprehensive advice in the field of claims management.
Currently, she is implementing a system solution based on a specially designed program in one of the largest production companies in Poland
In addition, Angelika has experience in legal advice related to the organisation of infrastructural investment projects, including those carried out under public procurement and PPP. Her professional experience includes handling projects in the railway transport sector, where she has advised public entities on the largest infrastructure investments related to the construction of railway stations and contracts related to the delivery of trains. Angelika also has experience in servicing projects in the road, aviation, public utility, and energy and climate change sectors, where she advised on the preparation of proceedings for the selection of a contractor for the construction of one of the largest power units in Europe, and then advised on the implementation of the contract.
She also advised an infrastructure fund on the acquisition of a portfolio of photovoltaic farms, where she negotiated the terms of the O&M agreements, as well as on the acquisition of shares in energy sector companies and on restructuring. 
Angelika also specialises in advising on commercial disputes, infrastructure disputes and administrative proceedings. In her practice, she has repeatedly represented clients in proceedings before common courts, arbitration courts, administrative courts, administrative authorities, and the National Appeals Chamber. She has also advised during inspections conducted by the Supreme Audit Office and the Public Procurement Office, including the drafting of post-audit reservations and explanatory positions.
Apart from her professional work, Angelika is a social activist providing pro bono support to numerous cultural institutions and foundations, for example she advised pro bono to Orkiestra Sinfonia Varsovia, where she negotiated contract terms for the design of one of the largest concert halls in Poland. Additionally, she is the tutor of student legal counseling at the Lazarski University.
Dr. Aleksandra Klich – legal advisor, member of the team of advocates and legal advisers at the law firm MCM Legal. A graduate of l’Université d’été du droit continental, Paris – Sorbonne. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin, where in 2012-2015 she was a tutor for Students in the Legal Clinic, and from 2020 she is the Deputy Head of the Law Clinic. 
Vice-chairman of the Provincial Commission for Adjudication on Medical Events in Szczecin. Arbitrator at the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court at the West Pomeranian Provincial Inspector of Trade Inspection in Szczecin. In the past, he collaborated with the Consumer Federation.
Author of numerous publications in the field of civil procedure, medical law, patient law, and computerization of the justice system. She specializes in medical law, with particular emphasis on patients’ rights and pursuing civil law claims by patients and medical professionals. Conducts audits of the compliance of clients’ documentation with the principles of ensuring the security of personal data. It also prepares and implements documentation in this respect in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, as well as advises clients at the post-implementation stage.
Lomzhets Yuliia, Head of the The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine, Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Maritime and Commercial Law of the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding
Yuliia has 15 years of teaching and scientific experience. The author of more than 60 scientific and educational-methodical publications.
Involved in Ukrainian legal clinical movement since 2013. Yuliia is co-author of the Instrument for Assessing the Quality Standards of the Legal Clinics in Ukraine and an two analytical researches: “The first monitoring of legal clinics in Ukraine: practices, trends, development”, “Monitoring of the Legal Clinics in Ukraine: 2.0: from Assessment to Development”.
Yuliia’s areas of scientific interests include: legal clinical education in Ukraine, interactive legal education Street Law, the development of constitutionalism in Ukraine, the development of Ukrainian parliamentarism, democratic lobbying.


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