Opportunities to Resolve the Issues of Access of the Groups Vulnerable to HIV to Justice

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control as well as the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO), as of 2019, there are around 237,000 people living with HIV and almost 650 thousand people vulnerable to HIV residing in Ukraine.

Stigmatization and discrimination (including self-stigmatization) of this group threatens human rights and even poses a threat to their life. 

At the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice, there is the Laboratory of Initiatives to Increase Access to Justice for the Groups Vulnerable to HIV. The Laboratory carries out research, analysis, and verification of the legal issues, needs and problems in the area of access to justice for these people and develops the mechanisms that could facilitate and improve such access.

Following the research of the legal issues of the groups vulnerable to HIV, the Laboratory will develop the training programs for those who are supposed to directly deal with the legal issues, namely, attorneys, lawyers, police officers, investigators and prosecutors. Training must turn into the key tool to reduce the negative effects of the barriers in access to justice.

The algorithm of the Laboratory’s operations includes the following actions: 

  • Initial statistics and verification of the issues, deeper study and work with stakeholders;
  • Determination of the priority issue; 
  • Development of the mechanism for resolution of the issue by preparing the training programs;
  • Training and monitoring of the activities based on the results.

The Laboratory is open to the organizations and initiatives working to improve access to justice for the groups vulnerable to HIV. If you work in the area of training or research on the Laboratory’s issues, share the School’s mission and wish to join the Laboratory, write to us:


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