Master Class Avodocs: Fast Errorless Work with Legal Documents

You don’t know what documents you need to work with partners and clients, and you even look through contract samples in the Internet? If drafting of the documents takes a lot of your money and time, Legal IT Hub Program of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge offers to take a look at the solution by Avodocs!

We invite you to take part on 11 June at 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm in the master class where you will learn how to easily simplify work of your organization by means of document templates by Avodocs.

Avodocs is the platform with free legal documents. The platform is completely free for users and is a product of social liability of AXDRAFT – software for automatization of legal documents.

The master class includes review of working with the documents as follows:

  • Foundation of a company or organization. Full set of documents for 10 minutes.
  • Execution of relationship with contractors. Quick and proper drafting of the documents will help launching work with the contractors as soon as possible.
  • Execution of employment relationship. Everything you need to enter into employment relationship and maintain HR document management with employees.
  • Work with the documents related to the lockdown measures and crisis situations. You will be able due to this process to draft the documents required in terms of the COVID-19 spreading and to enter into the lockdown restrictions, for just a minute.

Who will benefit?

  • CEOs, accountants and managers in charge in the organizations that are just intending to launch their activities or that have been running their activities and want to set up the document management.

Participation in the master class is free with the registration in advance. You will be notified later on of the means to join the master class.

Agreements mean the serious matter. Let us learn working with them quickly and properly. Looking forward to meeting with you!


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