Community Advisers Have Rendered Help to Over 6 Thousand Individuals Since 2020

Now, over 140 community advisers can be counted all over Ukraine. And another 95 can join them by early next year. Just as many as that were selected among the most active residents of various regions of the country to take a special training program.

Training for advisers to-be will start this week and take three months.  They will learn how to better understand people’s problems and where to look for assistance to solve them out, how self-government works, what tools for influencing authorities are available, how the budgeting is effected and many other things. Training is given by the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice on under the guidance of public organization of Association of Community Advisers of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, Legal Development Network, Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision, and PRAVOKATOR Legal Clubs. The program is backed by the International Renaissance Foundation.

Who are the advisers?

Community advisers are active members of society who realise what should be done to improve life in their communities. As Director of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, Mykola Sioma said, community advisers or the Ukrainian paralegals are those who stand guard over justice.

“Tomorrow is the anniversary of enactment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which proclaims dignity for the entire human family and equality for every individual. In Ukraine, we commonly talk about justice only when injustice takes frightening dimensions. But the fact is that we should strive for justice anytime and anywhere. Justice requires to be protected both legally and otherwise. Community advisers, para-lawyers are persons that may look at the situation with a fresh eye, call a spade a spade, say what is not the right thing to do, what is unfair. Their voices are strong therefore we with our partners appreciate contribution four colleagues make to the community development and training of community advisers”,

Mykola Sioma clarifies.

“The community involves 143 professionals who managed to give assistance to over 6 thousand persons during just 2020 year by advising and directing them to relevant legal institutions”

Head of the Association of Community Advisers of Ukraine Anatoliy Levchuk

How the course will be useful for you

Olga Galchenko, Coordinator of The Human Rights and Justice Program of the International Renaissance Foundation that was one of those taking the lead in the development of the training program for community advisers in 2017, have highlighted among the main advantages of this program and the community in whole:

  • The high-quality educational content of the program (it was created by the best experts in their domains).
  • Access to important contacts, because the Association of Community Advisers has lots of partners and friends.
  • Support for other community advisers and adherents. This year the course has been completely given on-line for the first time, however, the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice under the sponsorship of which this training program is operated, have assured that it will in no way affect the quality and level of the advisers’ training.


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